Konstantinos Kallipolitis is an architect and has completed numerous projects, such as new buildings design, as well as external and internal building renovations. He has been awarded in several architectural and design competitions.
Konstantinos approaches architecture both as a skilled draughtsman, using old fashioned paper and pencil, as well as a digital specialist in CAD rendering and parametric design. He believes that the creative process is more intuitive when the delicate relationship between brain, eye and hand is not mediated by a computer. Digital design on the other hand can create complex geometries.

UDO, founded in 2015, is a design company specializing in the design of customized, lighting fixtures that are realized with the aid of digital fabrication technology. Every project begins on paper, where the basic concept is revealed and then transformed in a detailed design, with the aid of computer software, ready to be printed.  The design is based on a parametric method that is inspired by natural structures and processes. The customer is then able to change the parameters that define each design, creating a unique customized outcome.